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Feeling Unfulfilled or Held Back?

When one decides to seek out therapy, there is always a turning point that urges us to do so.

Some may struggle with mental health issues, while others may be trapped in the past or feel like they’re not living up to their full potential.

Whatever your case may be, uniquely personal issues require an equally unique therapeutic approach.

Not Your Everyday Online Hypnotherapy Clinic

At Navya Hypnotherapy, our approach to helping clients is different from standard therapists and hypnosis practitioners.

Through Hypnosis Assisted Healing (HAH), we create an altered state of consciousness that allows you tap into experiences from a completely different angle.

Our goal is to help reveal surprising motivations and hidden connections that are causing you pain, reaching the core of the issue far quicker than conventional therapy methods typically do.

Who is Navya Hypnosis For?

Our online hypnotherapy clinic is for motivated individuals who are committed to creating change in their lives and are willing to do the deep emotional work needed to achieve it.

Our sessions are best suited for clients who are open-minded: open to new experiences, worldviews and discovering new parts of themselves.

It’s also ideal for creative and imaginative people, and for sensitive souls who care deeply about the world and are often hurt by how it runs.

What is Hypnosis Assisted Healing?

HAH underlies our unique approach to healing that combines hypnosis with traditional therapeutic modalities to achieve deep and significant change.

Our sessions are longer than traditional therapy sessions, guiding our clients through an altered state of consciousness. This allows you to experience your problems from a fresh, healing perspective.

Sessions are also tailored to the specific issues you are currently facing.

More About HAH

We’re Not Just Here to Talk About Your Problems…

…We’re Here to Solve Them, For Good.

What Hypnotherapy Techniques Do We Use?


Regression Hypnosis

As a key element of our therapeutic modality, this technique is the process of guiding you through past experiences to help you understand, accept, and heal from trauma.

Inner Child Work

This technique focuses on resolving unmet childhood needs and traumas. Throughout this method, we help you both understand and overcome the ways in which your childhood experiences have affected your adult life.

Guided Imagery

This technique is used to help you imagine positive future outcomes and visualize your healing journey. Harness the power of your imagination to heal your past and craft a better future.


Somatic Experiencing

This technique involves helping you connect to tactile sensations in your body as a guide to your inner emotional world and motivations. Here, we also teach you how to release any trauma that is stored in the body.

It’s important to note that these are not the only techniques we may use during our sessions. Rather, these are a sample of some of the modalities that are integrated into Navya’s Hypnosis Assisted Healing.

Our approach is always tailored to the individual, and we strive to use whatever works best to create an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Doing this work with Navya, I have felt an openness and safety to see all the parts of myself.

The best modality I’ve found. Shalom is a masterful facilitator.

The most impactful thing I’ve ever done is hypnotherapy. If you’re on the fence, give it a try.

I had instant results after my work with Shalom. He is great at his work and hypnosis.

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navya online hypnosis assisted psychotherapy

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