Hypnosis for Relationships

Hypnosis can be  a powerful tool to find the love you seek in your life, navigate existing relationships, or find peace and comfort after a relationship has ended. Learn more about what makes hypnotherapy so powerful for accessing our subconscious needs and patterns around relationships.


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Relationship Hypnosis: The Search for Connection

Humans are social creatures. We don’t like to be alone, and one of the most important aspects of our wellbeing is healthy relationships. 

It starts with our parents, who teach us the basics of how the world works and how to interact with others. It evolves to broader social interactions, typically through school. And eventually it reaches our romantic relationships.

Our romantic relationships are colored by our early experiences, and typically have an arc to them.

  1. It starts with the search for a partner. This is the stage that can feel the most exciting when things are going well, but can be fought with frustration and loneliness when it seems like you’re the only one who hasn’t found their soulmate. The ups can feel like flying, the downs can be physically painful. And these emotions fuel so much of art and our creative drive.
  2. When you do find “Mr. Right”, the challenge becomes actually establishing a relationship with them. Once the honeymoon phase fades, you’re left with the challenge of making a life with another person, who has different habits, preferences, and flaws that will inevitably rub you the wrong way. 
  3. Finally, when a relationship ends, through divorce or death, there is grief and often anger, as we bid goodbye to the life we wish we had, a relationship that at one point we hoped would last forever. “‘Till death do us part”

From an existential perspective, relationships raise some key themes that are a core part of being human. Isolation and death are two of the four pillars of existential psychology (the other two are meaning and freedom). It figures that we’d spend a lot of time grappling with, and making sense of, our relationship with relationships. 

Relationship Hypnosis

When I work with hypnotherapy clients around relationships, there are typically several themes that we explore. Exploring these ideas while in a hypnotic state leads to a deeper understanding of them, and insights that are not typically available to our conscious, analytical mind. These are primal urges that exist within us before our adult brain enters the scene. 

These relationship hypnosis themes include:

Our relationship with our parents. 

If your relationship with one or both of your parents is strained or flawed, it can often manifest in the types of people you end up attracting. We subconsciously seek out the same type of person that our parents modeled to us, and this is especially true for the parent that is the same gender as the people we are dating. 

For example, if your father was cold and distant, that might be the only type of relationship you know and you might find yourself attracting cold and distant men, over and over again. Achieving greater clarity about our relationship patterns through hypnosis can be eye opening and lead to significant changes.

Loneliness and dating anxiety. 

Considering how important relationships are to us, it makes sense that sometimes we’ll cling too hard to a specific relationship that feels right. This is often referred to as an anxious attachment style, a metaphorical “hugging it to death”. Sometimes, our subconscious would rather avoid the relationship completely rather than be hurt by it potentially failing, and this manifests as an avoidant attachment style.

The ultimate goal should be for us to be emotionally independent.

At the root of both of these patterns is a tendency to put too much stakes into the relationship itself. The ultimate goal should be for us to be emotionally independent.

To be ok with the loneliness that is part of being human, and to heal the parts that are so wounded that we desperately seek others in an attempt to fill our void and heal us. This never works, it’s just too much pressure on another human to do something that is ultimately only in your hands to accomplish. Others can support your journey of healing, but only you can take the actual steps to walk the path. We cannot be carried, as much as we all have an urge to be infants again and be coddled in our mother’s arms. 

Through hypnosis, you can tackle the challenges of loneliness head on, exploring how your attachment styles are manifesting, and become a master of your own healing process. We have used relationship hypnosis to solve a lot of dating anxiety issues in 2023 – and we can help you too!

Vision and Boundary setting

Part of this growth process in hypnotherapy for relationships is learning healthy boundaries. Getting a better sense of where you end and the world begins, deepening your understanding of what you really want and truly value, and then ensuring you are living up to your own standards. 

Sometimes family and social pressure can blur our own sense of what we really want. We’ll seek out someone who are parents want for us, or who society would respect, instead of what really aligns with us. Other times, we know what we want but find ourselves letting others trample on our boundaries, this can stem from being afraid of other people’s responses – maybe they’ll leave us, or get hurt or angry. Once again, the stakes are so high we “bend over and take it” in order to keep the peace. But this comes with great personal cost. 

Hypnosis at Navya can help you connect to your own ideal person, the values that align with your higher self. And it can help you tap into the inner strength you need to put a stop to things that aren’t working, or to ask for what you need and want while knowing that no one else ever owes you anything. 

Hypnosis for the sexual aspect of relationships

Sexuality is such a primal urge, it figures that it becomes such a central part of our relationships and life itself. Evolutionarily, our most basic proactive needs are to eat and procreate, and we’ve become very good at putting that at the forefront of our priorities. 

There are many side effects of this, including:

  • People (usually men) acting out aggressively or inappropriately out of raw sexual desire that gets better of their self control or judgment. 
  • People (often women) having adverse experiences around sexuality, ranging from unpleasant experiences to sexual abuse, which colors many aspects of their life and certainly future sexual encounters.
  • Religion and society attempting to control sex by repressing it, which ends up manifesting it in more and more convoluted ways while disconnecting people from their healthy sexual selves. 

With hypnosis, we can help people heal their past experiences with sexuality, and recognize and change their deeply held beliefs around this topic. The result is the ability to have a healthy relationship with your own sexuality and the opportunity to have healthier and more enjoyable sexual experiences with others.  If you are having issues with your sexuality – get in touch today!

Dating clarity

Sometimes you meet someone who feels right, but you get stuck. Maybe things are pretty good but not great. Maybe there are a lot of good qualities but a few big question marks. Hypnosis can help you check more deeply with your intention to see how you really feel about certain issues, or to address certain fears that may be holding you back from being able to commit or feel fully. 

We’ve seen firsthand how sometimes a single session can help someone get “unstuck” and figure out what the next steps are in their dating relationship might be – whether that’s breaking up or getting engaged. It’s always better to know than live in perpetual doubt, and hypnosis can help you gain that clarity and confidence. 

Hypnosis for Approach anxiety

This one is particularly true for men, in societies where it’s often expected that they initiate first contact. But ultimately everyone can relate to the anxiety around connecting with someone we find attractive. Underlying this fear is an awakening of a deep emotional desire at the sight of a person whom our subconscious had deemed could fulfill a basic need for us.

When this need is very strong, and we hope that someone else can fulfill this need, this sets the stakes very high. The person you’re approaching is not just another person. They are your gateway to salvation. This is unfair pressure to put someone else in, and makes you act unnaturally (even if it’s very understandable that you would!). 

The solution for this is to learn to heal your needs, as described above, recognizing that ultimately no one can save you but yourself.

Others can only enhance your life, but not fix you. And, in tandem, you can learn to express yourself more authentically, even if that means you come off as more flawed and imperfect. It is far more human, and attractive, when you are yourself, warts and all. Hypnotherapy for relationshpis can help you connect to the full spectrum of your humanity and practice expressing it in a safe and supportive environment. 

In Conclusion

Relationships affect so many parts of our life, and yet are influenced by deeply rooted beliefs and perspectives we have learned about ourselves and people around us. Relationship hypnosis can help you achieve greater clarity in this area, heal old wounds and adopt better patterns of being, and ultimately set you up for the best possible future – one where you are surrounded by healthy, supportive, and loving people who enhance your life.  We can help you get started on this road – schedule a 15-minute appointment right now!

Hypnosis for Relationships: A Success Story

This is an actual case study for a client we worked with, with names and details changed.

Eve, who is a skilled therapist, sought help as she faced challenges in finding a lasting romantic relationship. Even with her affable nature and success in her professional life, her journey in love remained unfruitful, having met numerous potential partners, but none becoming significant.

During her therapy sessions, Eve embarked on a deep dive into her past, revisiting her teenage years marked by a lack of popularity and the intricate dynamics of her friendships. She unraveled the complexities of her bond with her parents, each discovery shining a light on her present-day dilemmas in romance.

As the sessions progressed, Eve encountered the buried fears and insecurities that surfaced whenever she met someone who could potentially be a great partner. She grappled with an enigmatic emotional void, a peculiar numbness, even in the company of those with whom she shared a substantial connection and rapport.

Through her therapeutic journey, insights unfolded, and Eve began connecting the dots, tracing back the roots of her apprehensions and the elusive emotional engagements to her formative years. Each session was a step towards self-discovery, confronting and untangling the webs of her past that silently orchestrated her present.

During a particularly emotional and insightful moment, she said, “It would have taken me 10 years of therapy to have this insight.”

Several weeks later, Eve traveled overseas and conveyed the subsequent message:

With tremendous gratitude for your help… I’m engaged!

As a skilled therapist, Eve took the necessary steps to address her emotional barriers and engage in self-exploration. It was through this process that she was able to overcome her past experiences and open herself up to love. This case study highlights the importance of addressing underlying issues and traumas in order to have successful relationships.

Therapy can be a powerful tool for individuals seeking to improve their relationships, whether it be with a romantic partner or family and friends. By delving into the root causes of one’s emotional barriers, a therapist can assist in uncovering and addressing any unresolved issues that may hinder healthy connections.

It is not uncommon for past experiences and childhood dynamics to impact our present-day relationships. Through therapy, individuals can gain valuable insights into their behaviors and thought patterns, which can ultimately lead to positive changes in their relationships.

In addition, therapy also provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their emotions and vulnerabilities. This can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with intimacy or trust issues.
Ultimately, the goal of hypnotherapy for relationships is to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs in a relationship, allowing them to form more fulfilling and lasting connections.
As Eve’s case demonstrates, the benefits of therapy extend far beyond just addressing immediate concerns. It can profoundly impact one’s overall well-being and quality of life.

Whether for romantic relationships or any other interpersonal connections, hypnotherapy provides individuals with the tools and support they need to foster healthy and fulfilling relationships. So, if you find yourself struggling in your relationships, consider seeking the help of a skilled therapist who can guide you towards a happier and more connected future.

Remember, working on yourself and improving your relationships is never too late.

With the right guidance and dedication, anyone can overcome their emotional barriers and create meaningful connections with others. Don’t let past experiences hold you back from experiencing love and connection in your life. Take the first step towards a better future by seeking help and embarking on your own journey of self-discovery through hypnotherapy. So why wait? Start your journey today and see the positive impact it can have on all aspects of your life.


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