Become a Navya Hypnotherapist

Learn more about becoming a Navya Hypnotherapist and changing people’s lives for the better with a hypnotherapy course that’s delivered complete online.

What is Navya?

Navya is the first of its kind hypnotherapy clinic where practitioners facilitate Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy sessions with clients through online video calls. 

Sessions are powerful, emotionally intense, and can lead to deep insight and rapid changes in people’s lives. 

A Navya practitioner takes the role of a guide, helping people relax, turn their attention inwards, and find answers and healing within themselves. We provide support when the going gets tough, and encourage clients to courageously explore dark or painful parts of themselves.

Working with clients as a Navya practitioner can be a deeply meaningful experience, as you help people have peak experiences, and find inner peace and emotional relief.

Online Hypnotherapy Training

Navya’s training program is practical and direct, allowing you to learn hypnotherapy completely online.

Training is conducted over a series of live video webinars, including practice hypnosis sessions conducted virtually between trainees.

Our goal is to teach you what you need to know to actually start impacting others, and empower you with actual experience to feel confident to start doing it. 

You’ll have a chance to apply the knowledge you’ve learned in real life practice on other trainees, which is the most empowering part of the program.

Our program is designed to integrate you into our existing Navya ecosystem, where you’ll work under our brand, get listed as a practitioner on our site, and get the training and resources you need to start finding and working with clients.


Is Online Hypnotherapy Training Right for you?

At Navya, our most important principle for helping others is your character. More than training, more than how many paper’s you’ve written or degrees you have, we care about what kind of person you are. 

We believe you cannot take others to where you have not been yourselves, and we deliberately screen for people who have grappled with life’s challenges in a courageous and emotionally mature way. 

One of the best indications of this is your own personal growth process – what experiences you’ve undertaken to help you overcome your own past and become the person you are today.

Being a client of Navya’s and experiencing Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy yourself is a good indicator that you might be a good fit as a practitioner – if it resonates with you and works well for you, chances are you’ll be able to share that with others.


Values we look for:

  • Compassion – the ability to contain others struggles and challenges with an open heart.
  • Open-mindendess – the ability to contain and entertain other world views that are different from your own.
  • Growth Mindset – you’re the type of person who is always looking to become a better person to acquire more knowledge which you can apply in your life
  • Courage – the ability to do the difficult work, and have the difficult conversations, with yourself and others
  • Honesty – the ability to accept and express things as they are, not as you’d like them to be.

If this describes you, and you’re interested in becoming a Navya practitioner, fill out the form below to express interest in training. Still got questions? Email [email protected].