Hypnosis for Sexual Trauma

The impact of sexual trauma can reverberate through all aspects of your life, and healing from it can be a painful, but ultimately extremely rewarding, journey.

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Healing Sexual Trauma with the Help of Hypnotherapy

The amount of people who have experienced sexual trauma in their life is absurd. Between 11 and 20% of girls under age 18 report being sexually abused. For boys, the numbers range from around 5-10%.

Experiencing sexual abuse or assault, whether as a child or adult, can have a debilitating effect on multiple areas of life. It can lead to:

  • Mistrust of yourself and others
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Difficulties or fears around sexuality and intimacy
  • Struggles around creating and maintaining stable romantic relationships

There are often feelings of guilt, shame, and anger that accompanies these experiences, with it often being turned inwards, with you feeling bad about yourself for something that happened to you.

I find that many of my clients who come to me with completely different presenting issues still end up uncovering sexual trauma as a key part of whatever issue has currently presented in their lives.

I have also seen an anecdotal correlation between a devout religious upbringing and sexual abuse – the headlines attest to this as well, but essentially sexual repression simply leads to abusive behavior that often gets hidden, ignored, or suppressed.

There is Hope

I have have found hypnosis to be a very healing experience for many individuals who are looking to heal from sexual trauma. 

Hypnosis Assisted Healing is a form of regression hypnosis where you travel back to your traumatic experiences in a safe and controlled way, in order to release any emotions you still store around them, reframe them from a new perspective, and heal from them on a deeper, experiential level. 

This approach is not for everyone – you might feel like you’re not ready, or that it’s not the right approach for your healing journey, and that’s ok. Trust your intuition. 

If you do feel called to this type of healing approach, I invite you to reach out. I have seen clients see significant relief and growth in an extremely short period of time. Hypnosis Assisted Healing allows you to heal in a very different way than conventional therapy, and clients regularly say they are surprised at what comes up for them during their sessions. 

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About Me

My name is Shalom, and I've been practicing hypnotherapy for over eight years, working with clients from all over the world through online hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been transformational in my own life and I look forward to sharing it with you as well. 

My Personal Story

I'm very open about my own struggles with mental health. I joke that I read the DSM V for inspiration (that's the manual psychologists use to diagnose mental health disorders).

I was raised in a strictly devoutly religious house in Jerusalem, Israel, in what was essentially an evangelical Jewish cult. I experienced the trauma of growing up in a politically unstable country, being schooled in an oppressive, emotionally and sexually-repressive society, and being raised by volatile and emotionally unavailable parents.

I was then married off at 22 in an arranged marriage and experienced further trauma around depression and divorce.

In my previous life was actually an ordained Rabbi, I have since left the faith and am now an outspoken critic of dogmatic organized religion. My passion is helping others heal from theri past; I have a Masters in Clinical Sociology from the University of North Texas.

I have spent the last few years on my own journey of healing - from complex PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, and more. I am still far from perfect, by my life is infinitely better than it was, and hypnosis and psychedelics have played a key part in my journey; both of which work to alter your state of consciousness and help you heal faster and on a deeper level.

Why do I tell you all this? For several reasons:

  • To reassure you. My experiences have made me exceedingly open-minded. There is very little that you can tell me about yourself that would ever have me judge you. I've seen the shitter parts of life and I know what the dark parts of the soul look like.
  • To instill hope. Life can really suck, I have been there. I am a living testament to how much better things can get with time and dedicated commitment to healing.
  • To emphasize that I'm not a guru. I'm not perfect, and my role in supporting others is in empowering you to heal yourself. I just create the setting and serve as a companion on your journey. It is you who can, and will, heal yourself. I've seen it time and time again, and I believe if you've come this far, you have what it takes.


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