Get to Know Navya Hypnosis

Tap Into Hidden Parts to Achieve Deep and Meaningful Change.

Learn more about how Navya work in this in-depth video from the founder, Shalom Shore

If you’re curious about hypnosis or fascinated by the idea of an altered state of consciousness, then Navya Hypnosis is for you.

Our online hypnotherapy sessions are designed to be deep, emotional, and intense. We’ll guide you on a journey into your own soul, helping you tap into your creativity and intuition.

And the best part? We’re simply here to help guide you through it.
With hypnotherapy, you never lose control.

As part of Navya Hypnosis’ Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy approach, we use a technique called Regression Hypnosis, which is more complex than traditional hypnosis and has its own clinical guidelines and an international board. This technique helps you connect with your felt sensations in your body and access memories that may be impacting your present.

We believe that our tailored approach to hypnotherapy is something everyone should try at least once. It’s an intense but powerful experience that can help you achieve deep and meaningful change in a short period of time.

In fact, some of our clients have reported that just three sessions of Navya Hypnosis felt like nine months of regular therapy, while others have remarked that an insight from a single session would have taken 10 years of therapy to achieve!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your personal growth journey and try something new, then we invite you to schedule a 15-minute intro call with us to see if Navya Hypnosis is the right fit for you.

We can’t wait to help you unlock your full potential and achieve the change you’ve been looking for.

Our Values

These principles guide the way we operate, how we interact with our clients, and the values we’d like to see more of in the world.


We strive to be as real as possible, speaking honestly about what we are feeling and thinking even when it’s uncomfortable.

Discomfort Seeking

Growth almost always comes through discomfort, and we strive to always push ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone.


We beleive that everyone is trying their best, and is doing their best considering their life circomstance. We try to approach every person and situation with an open and understanding mind

Continuous Improvement

We strive to keep becoming better, both as people as well as the techniques and systems we employ. There is nothing that can’t be improved further.

Systems Thinking

The best value is delivered by being consistent and efficient. We try to condense the most powerful impact into replicable processes.


Our mission is for everyone to have access to the resources they need. We strive to make our offerings available to as wide array of people as possible, and to communicate in clear, down-to-earth language.

Behind the Name

Navya means novelty in Sanskrit, and alludes to the Hebrew word for flow and upwelling. This speaks to our commitment to innovate in the field of mental health and personal growth – by always seeking the most effective and powerful methods to create lasting change. 

We believe this change comes from within, from seeking answers in our own mind, and tapping into our own creativity to find the solutions that work best for us.