Navya Waiver

Waiver of liability

I, (the client), agree to release Navya Hypnosis and any hypnotherapy practitioners whom I work with within the context of the Navya Hypnosis clinic (“the hypnotist”), of any responsibility or injury occurring from my hypnosis session(s).


The client acknowledges their understanding that the consulting hypnotist is neither a medical professional nor a licensed mental health professional.

The client understands that consulting hypnotist is not providing psychotherapy or mental health counseling and that the self-help techniques he/she will learn are not a substitute for psychiatric or mental health counseling.

You affirm that hypnosis is appropriate for you and does not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment. Always seek out and follow the advice of your physician or other professional medical practitioner before considering alternative treatment.

The client is advised and understands that if there are any present or future medical, mental health or psychological causes underlying his or her behaviors, habits or patterns which require the services of a duly licensed medical or mental health professional, the client takes sole responsibility for consultation with such medical or mental health practitioner with regard to treatment.

The client represents that they are not aware of any mental, physical or health condition that would be adversely affected by the services being rendered by the hypnotist.

The client absolves the hypnotherapist of all rights, damages or legal proceedings related to any emotional or physical damages resulting from the hypnotherapy process. The client acknolwedges that they undertake their hypnosis experiences at their own risk.


No warranty is given, expressed or implied, for satisfactory results from your hypnosis session(s).

Tape recording

I agree that portions of the hypnotherapy sessions may be recorded for training purposes. I know that I may request a copy of these recordings, in the case that they exist.

Methods used

The hypnosis practitioner employs hypnosis techniques which are designed to facilitate the client’s quest for self- improvement and relaxation. Specific additional techniques may include: body relaxation, directed meditation, age regression, and guided imagery.


Clients sometimes reveal confidential and personal information to the hypnotherapist. The hypnotist warrants that they take reasonably prudent precautions to safeguard such conversations and information. However, no representation is made as to whether a client confidentiality privilege might exist under law, and the hypnotist will comply with court orders should disclosure be mandated.

The hypnotist will never take actions on behalf of a client, and disclosure of information by a client should never be construed as a commitment, express or implied, that the hypnotist will take any action on behalf of a client. The hypnotist does not ever undertake such actions, and nothing orally discussed should ever be construed by as client as an offer or commitment to undertake any actions.


The client acknowledges that he/she has had the full opportunity to discuss with the hypnotist the nature of the services to be provided and/or the consultation to be rendered. The client hereby acknowledges and consents to the receipt of hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques, but personally decides upon actions/ inactions without reliance upon any of the hypnotist’s products or services. S/he takes or withholds any such action as her/ his sole and independent judgment may deem prudent.

Nothing herein may be waived or amended except in a written document signed by both parties hereto; to wit, engaging the services of Navya Hypnosis, the client specifically agrees to these terms and conditions.

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