Hypnosis for Career Success and Entrepreneurs

So much of business success, career growth, and our relationship with money revolves around mindset. Hypnosis can help you achieve insight quickly into what’s holding you back from living a successful and abundant life that’s aligned with your dreams and values.

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We spend a huge amount of our life at work. And underlying this large commitment are several forces that come into play that impact us psychologically. 

The need to survive 

For many of us, the work we do is a means to an end. To put food on the table and a roof over our heads. This can add a desperation to our work, a pressure to perform “or else”. It often leads us to tolerating many situations that we would never put up with, such as difficult bosses, coworkers, or clients, that we would never tolerate if we felt we had a choice.


Our relationship with money is one that is informed by our childhood experiences and our parents’ relationship with it, and later on we develop our own interactions around it. Money represents raw potential, and many of us haven’t been taught to navigate its responsibilities. For some that might be obsessive saving, for others it might be compulsive spending. There may be fears about not having enough, or an insatiable desire for more and more of it. 


As humans, we have a desire to actualize ourselves, not just survive, and for many, there is a desire to do so at work. Finding the work that aligns with your skills, values, and needs can be an ongoing challenge. And it can change over time as your interests change, you learn more about yourself, or are exposed to new challenges and opportunities.

Hypnosis for your career 

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for the self discovery and personal growth needed to create a successful career. 

It can help you overcome fears you might have around survival, money, or a lack of meaning. It can help you tap into what you really want, beyond the stresses of the every day or the pressures of parents or society.

Hypnotherapy for careers can help you gain a vision of where you’d like to be, and then uncover remove any roadblocks you might have for getting there.

People often turn to hypnosis when they are:

  • Feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t feel meaningful or motivating
  • Have lost sight of what they really care about and want to be doing in life
  • Are looking to create change in their careers but aren’t sure how to go about it
  • Are struggling with money, either anxious about it or feeling like they have an unhealthy relationship with it
  • Are trying to create a business but are feeling held back. 

Hypnosis for Entrepreneurship

Of special mention is how hypnotherapy for entrepreneurs can be particularly helpful. Entrepreneurship involves bringing value to the world and is often a deeply personal experience, as you take something you are personally passionate about and work to share it with more people. 

There is a vulnerability to entrepreneurship, to exposing what you value to the criticism and critique of others, that can be daunting to overcome. It leads to procrastination, wheel spinning, and demoralizing feelings. 

My experience has shown that entrepreneurs need more support around mindset and their emotional journey than they do around the specific tactics around growing a business. Tactics can be learned, but the personal growth required to be a successful entrepreneur is a process that comes from within. 

Hypnosis can help you align with your deepest values, identify what might be holding you back, and get yourself unstuck and motivated to take the actions needed to make your journey a success. 

About Us

At Navya, we take a holistic approach to the world of career and business growth, understanding that at the root of many of our problems, even the seemingly practical ones, is an emotional component that is holding us back. 

Our hypnotists can work with you to get unstuck, connect to your deeper values and motivations and fastrack yourself to the ideal future you envision for yourself.

A hypnotist of note is Shalom Shore, who has a background in entrepreneurship and business and career coaching, and has faced many of the challenges related to both career advancement and entrepreneurship firsthand. Shalom holds an MBA in addition to a masters in Clinical Sociology.


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