Our Top Hypnotherapy Articles

We’ve written a lot about hypnotherapy and hypnosis over the years. Here’s an aggregation of our best posts that you might find particularly informative or helpful on the subject.

  1. An intro to what hypnosis is. If you’re brand new to hypnosis, this is a great way to learn more about it.
  2. The type of hypnotherapy we practice is unique, and quite different from other hypnosis services offered by typical hypnotists. This article describes some of the unique distinctions and features of hypnosis assisted psychotherapy.
  3. Wondering what a hypnotherapy session will actually feel like? Here’s a description of the physical experience of doing a hypnosis session
  4. Navya’s hypnosis assisted psychotherapy can be intense. We’ve noticed a pattern over the years of people it’s particularly suited for, and wrote an article about who it’s for.
  5. Hypnosis is often grouped with alternative therapies. We specifically rely on many modalities that are practiced in classical and contemporary therapy sessions, and we’ve listed some of the powerful techniques we’ll typically use during the “psychotherapy” part of our Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy sessions.
  6. A short essay about the intensity of our sessions, and why we feel it’s an important part of deep healing.
  7. Regression hypnosis, which is a big part of the work we do, is a fascinating subject, so we’ve devoted an article to it.
  8. Navya’s aim is to empower individuals with resources and tools for navigating life’s emotional complexity even after the sessions are over , which we discuss in this article.