How to Prepare for an Online Hypnosis or Therapy Session

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People are often surprised that they can conduct hypnosis completely online.

But the truth of the matter that working online with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist has several key advantages.

Benefits of Online Hypnosis

1.You can work with someone who is right for you, regardless of the location.

So much of the healing process involves trusting the person you work with and feeling like they understand you. If you find a method of hypnosis, such as Hypnosis Assisted Healing, or a niche specialty that you would like to address like Religious Trauma, you shouldn’t have to be limited by the geographical proximity of the practitioner.

2. You can save on commute times

The amount of time you spend commuting to your hypnotist can really add up. Working online saves you that time.

3. You can get really comfy

A huge part of hypnosis is relaxing, and often relaxing in your own bed with your own familiar surroundings, can really enhance your experience.

Hypnosis is a primarily auditory experience, so as long as you can hear the hypnotist, it can be just as effective as in-person hypnosis. We use video to help us gauge your body language, like rapid eye movement or your breathing speed, to help personalize your experience in real time without you even needing to speak.

Tips for Effective Online Hypnosis Sessions

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your online hypnosis experience. While this advice is written from the perceptive of a hypnosis session, a lot of the same rules apply when you’re doing online therapy as well.

1. A good pair of headphones

Being able to clearly hear the hypnotist and block out any outside noise, can be very helpful.

2. A place where you won’t be interrupted

As much as possible, ensure that humans or pets wont’ walk through your space or interrupt you when you’re in the middle of a personal experience.

3. Hands-free video

Try to make sure that you can be clearly seen on video even without you holding the device. This is why laptops are ideal for this, or having a stand for your tablet or phone. We don’t need a perfect shot of you, but if your phone keeps falling over it ends up being very disruptive.

4. Charged device

Make sure not to lose power to your device in the middle of a call. The idea is to be using a laptop that is actively plugged into a power source.

5. A comfortable location

The more comfortable you are, the better. Being in a place where you head is supported, is ideal. Many clients like to do their sessions in bed, but don’t lie on your back, because you might fall asleep and you’ll be harder to see. Instead, prop up a few pillows behind you so your upper body is sort of at a 45 degree angle, leaning against the  headboard.

6. A good internet connection

This goes without saying. Online hypnosis depends on good internet connection to work. Your free intake call can be a good way to identify if your connection is good enough to have a full length session.

7. Have some tissues nearby

Often what comes up in a hypnosis session can be an emotional or moving experience. Crying during a session is normal and can feel really great – a cathartic sense of closure or having released something that was holding you back. That said having some tissues nearby can help you be more comfortable. Every therapy clinic has a box of tissues nearby, if you’re doing a session from your own house, that’s something you’d need to attend to.


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