Online Hypnosis: 4 Reasons to Consider it for Your Needs

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Online hypnosis is unique – we often think of hypnosis or seeing a therapist as something that is done in person, by visiting a clinic. But with the power of today’s virtual connectivity, conducting hypnosis sessions online is possible, and comes with several benefits:


Online hypnosis has many advantages! #hypnotherapy #hypnosis #online

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1. It’s convenient

Log in from the comfort of your own home, without worrying about commute times or the weather. Many clients choose to have their sessions in bed, where they can get as cozy and comfortable as possible.

2. It allows for better integration

Often times your therapy experience can feel like it’s happening in a bubble – you feel great, but then the real world hits. Conducting your sessions in the location where you live your day-to-day life means that the insights you achieve feel more natural, and you can begin manifesting changes in your everyday life more quickly.

3. You can do it anywhere

There may not be any hypnotherapist in your area! Sometimes the nearest hypnosis clinic is miles away and working with an online clinic may be your only option. Fortunately, online hypnosis can be just as effective as in-person hypnosis, so we owe it to the internet for making mental health and well-being resources much more available and accessible than it used to be.

4. You can connect with like-minded hypnotists

Having a good personal connection with your hypnotherapist and finding one whose treatment methods aligns with your own beliefs, values, and preferences is a key part of making your hypnotherapy experience a success. Working with an online hypnosis clinic means you can connect with a hypnotist that fits your needs no matter where they are located in the world. At Navya, we have a unique approach to hypnosis and healing called Hypnosis Assisted Healing, and if it aligns with your needs and philosophies, you can benefit from our approach no matter where you are in the world.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Sometimes you want to get away – there are times when you feel immersed in your issue, and getting out of the house and physically going to a therapist might be the thing you need. Trust your intuition on this one.
  2. You’ll need privacy – if you have roommates, family, or pets around they can be distracting or disruptive. It’s important to be able to conduct your session in a location where you can feel fully yourself. A place where you can relax and express yourself without being worried about being interrupted. So make sure you’re able to create that for yourself before initiating an online hypnosis session.

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