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Hypnosis has been given a bad rap, largely due to its portrayal in movies and entertainment. But hypnosis is helpful for those struggling with pain, depression, anxiety, or phobias. It may even aid in helping people quit smoking or drinking alcohol and lose weight. Although more research is necessary to ensure long-term results, hypnosis is a promising intervention to help people achieve their goals. If you’re interested in self-hypnosis but get intimidated by the term, think of it as similar to meditation, except with a more outcome-based approach that can induce a trance state. Hypnotherapy apps are gaining popularity as an accessible way to experience the power of hypnosis for self-improvement.

These apps typically use audio tracks, often including vocals and music, with some also incorporating visual elements and other sound effects. While they are generally safe, it’s important to remember that they have not been scientifically tested for efficacy. The claims made by app makers may not have been empirically tested, and your results may vary. If you want to give self-hypnosis a go, check out our list of the six best hypnosis apps to get started.

6 Top Hypnotherapy Apps To Try In 2023

There are a variety of hypnotherapy apps available, so it’s important to find the one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Here are our top picks for the best hypnotherapy apps of 2023:

1. HypnoBox:

  • Cost: $200 for a lifetime, $60 for one year, $13 for one month
  • Platform: Google Play, Apple
  • Library size: 600 audio elements

This modern take on hypnosis is designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. The cutting-edge self-hypnosis app puts control of your relaxation and self-improvement in the palm of your hand. With various features and customizations, HypnoBox allows you to create your ideal relaxation experience, all while using your device at your convenience. Choose from hundreds of audio suggestions and even record your own, sculpting your experience to meet your specific needs and preferences. By inducing a relaxed, trance-like state, each session provides powerful suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Plus, the app even includes a quick deep-breathing exercise to help you unwind while you wait for the content to load. With free options and paid add-ons, a HypnoBox plan fits your needs. Try it out for your best mental health yet!


  • Availability of a free version
  • Versatility for addressing different concerns
  • Customizable sessions to suit individual needs
  • Informative FAQ page explaining self-hypnosis
  • Multiple purchase and subscription options


  • The initial learning curve for inexperienced users
  • Potential for less smooth transitions in customized sessions
  • Mixed feedback on voice options

2) Harmony Hypnosis Meditation:

  • Cost: $200/lifetime, $60/year, $13/month
  • Platform: Kindle, Apple, web app, Google Play
  • Library size: Content added regularly with a subscription

The Harmony Hypnosis app combines self-hypnosis and meditation to help decrease stress and improve relaxation, inner strength, and confidence. The app offers a 7-day free trial and a subscription service with regularly added new topics. To enter a hypnotic state, you can focus on auditory music, a verbal mantra, a visual image on a screen, or even a physical movement. The app uses dual vocal delivery to give suggestions and metaphors simultaneously but separately through the left and right earphones. Additionally, the app relies on music-driven hypnosis, allowing users to blend their music with the voice of a certified hypnotist. Whether you’re new to self-hypnosis or an experienced practitioner, the Harmony Hypnosis app is worth trying to help you find inner peace and harmony.


  • Free 7-day trial and flexible subscription options
  • Dual vocal delivery for a more efficient hypnotic state
  • Mantra, image, and physical movement induction methods
  • Music-driven hypnosis


  • Promotes other paid services within the app
  • Potential for users to become reliant on the app
  • Difficult user interface

3) Anxiety-Free iCan Hypnosis:

  • Cost: $1 for a lifetime purchase
  • Platform: Apple
  • Library size: One recording

The Anxiety-Free iCan Hypnosis app is designed to help users overcome anxiety, depression, and stress. The app offers a range of topics, from everyday anxieties to specific phobias. With easy-to-follow instructions for each session, the app provides calming images and helpful breathing exercises in the background. This app uses self-hypnosis techniques to help you reduce your anxious thoughts and learn to cope with stress more healthily. And the evidence suggests that it could work: one study found that self-hypnosis effectively reduced state anxiety during stressful situations.

To get started, you can find a quiet and safe space where you can fully concentrate on the audio recordings. These recordings include powerful messages that will influence your subconscious, helping you overcome anxiety. Start with 30-minute sessions and work to 15-minute sessions, practicing thrice weekly. With the help of this app, you can take control of your anxiety and start living a more peaceful life.


  • Informative and helpful introduction
  • Availability of free options
  • Strong focus on anxiety treatment


  • Limited availability on Apple devices only
  • Sound quality may not match other apps
  • Inability to skip the introduction

4) Digipill:

  • Cost: The platform offers a free version, while additional in-app products are available at affordable prices ranging from approximately $2 to $7 each.
  • Platform: Apple, Kindle, Google Play
  • Library size: One free + 21 recordings to purchase

Digipill is a library of audio programs designed to help you cope with negative feelings and behaviors. The app offers various topics, from anxiety and depression relief to weight loss, with guided meditation and hypnosis recordings. Some audio programs are free to download, but you can access more content with a premium subscription.

The soundtracks are professionally recorded in high quality and feature soothing music and voiceover from experienced hypnotists and therapists. The sessions range from 10 minutes to over an hour and can be listened to in various settings, including lying down, sitting, or walking. Furthermore, the app is designed to fit your lifestyle. You can set reminders for when you want to practice hypnosis, and the audio will start playing automatically.


  • Flexible session lengths to accommodate your schedule
  • Wide selection of session topics
  • Innovative “pills” representing different concerns
  • The choice between subscription and a la carte plans


  • Limited availability of free options
  • Cost of sessions can accumulate
  • Mixed user opinions about the voice used

5) Lose Weight Hypnosis

  • Cost: $6 per package
  • Platform: Apple
  • Library size: Upgrade for additional features, One free recording

Research shows that hypnosis can be a valuable tool in weight loss. One clinical trial found that self-hypnosis improved satiation, boosted quality of life, and reduced inflammation. Participants who used self-hypnosis habitually also experienced more weight loss. This app offers 20-minute daily audio sessions that subconsciously use the power of suggestion to influence your mindset and behavior. Many users have reported that this app helps them shed unwanted pounds and improves their overall relaxation. However, it’s important to note that these claims have yet to be scientifically tested, so please be aware of the app’s limitations and manage your expectations. The Lose Weight Hypnosis app is one of the most popular options available, promising to help you learn how to better enjoy healthy food and exercise within just one to three weeks of use.


  • Promotes a specific routine for optimal benefits
  • Provides comprehensive and user-friendly instructions
  • Volume control for voices and background sounds
  • Tracks listening time in Apple’s Health app
  • Sleep and wake settings


  • Recommended for ages 12 and above
  • Limited availability of free content

 6) Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis

  • Cost: Paid sessions are $3 each
  • Platform: Google Play, Apple
  • Library size: 6 free recordings + 140 options for purchase

The Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis app might be the solution for you. Developed by a professional hypnotherapist, this app offers six free hypnotherapy and meditation sessions to help you achieve a deeply relaxed state. The sessions incorporate techniques from self-hypnosis and meditation, making them accessible and easy to follow. If you need more focus on specific topics, over 140 additional features are available for purchase, including relaxation, anxiety, healing, and mindfulness. While hypnosis is not therapy, it can be useful during psychotherapy. This offers hypnotic techniques to soothe your mind and body and provides other relaxation techniques such as meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization. By consistently practicing these techniques, you’ll improve your ability to relax and destress.


  • Six free sessions to get you started
  • Over 140 additional features for purchase
  • Uses a combination of self-hypnosis and meditation techniques
  • Includes relaxation, anxiety, healing, and mindfulness exercises


  • Limited free sessions and customizations
  • It does not offer any subscription plan


What are the manual benefits of hypnosis?

The main benefit of hypnosis is its ability to help you relax, focus, and be more in control of your thoughts and emotions. Using self-hypnosis techniques consistently improves many aspects of your life, including productivity and creativity. Hypnosis can also treat various mental health issues like anxiety and stress.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is generally considered safe when used correctly and under the guidance of a qualified professional. It should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or therapy. However, it can be an effective tool to help manage symptoms of certain mental health conditions.

Do I need to pay for the Hypnotherapy Apps?

Most hypnosis apps offer a few free recordings and require you to purchase additional items. However, some may also have a subscription plan that allows you access to more content at a discounted rate. Reading the fine print and understanding which payment option works best for your needs is important.

What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation?

Hypnosis is a form of guided relaxation that involves focused concentration on specific thoughts or images. Conversely, meditation is an exercise where you become still and shift your awareness to something like your breath or a mantra. While both are useful for promoting relaxation, they affect the mind and body differently.

How can I know which app is the best for me?

The best way to determine which hypnosis app is right for you is to try a few different ones and see what works best. Consider your goals and needs, as well as the features of each app, before making a decision. Hypnosis apps can be powerful tools when used properly, so ensure you find one that meets your expectations.

Why should I use a hypnosis app?

A hypnosis app can be an effective tool to help you relax, manage stress and anxiety, and improve your overall mental health. The sessions are easy to follow, often short, and can be used anywhere. Accessing these audio recordings on time makes it easier to stick with the practice and maintain balance.

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Hypnosis apps can be incredibly powerful tools for helping to manage stress, anxiety and even improve overall mental health. With six free sessions to get you started and over 140 additional features available for purchase, these hypnotherapy apps are a great way to take control of your mind and body without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for relaxation techniques or want to explore deeper topics such as healing or mindfulness, there is an app out there that can help. Read the pros and cons before knowing which best suits your needs. Finally, remember that practice makes perfect – with consistent use of self-hypnosis techniques from these hypnotherapy apps, you’ll soon be more relaxed than ever!

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