The Power of Good Parenting


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I occasionally have the joy of working with people who were clearly raised in a healthy way.

It is surprisingly rare in this line of work, partially, of course, because people with healthy upbringings probably need less therapy.

But when they do, for example to help them address specific life circumstances like a move, a divorce, or a death of a loved one, the way they process things is striking. I find that they dwell less on the issue, and are able to resolve or release their emotional conflicts more easily. They are more easily able to balance nuanced emotions, or to find the silver lining in whatever they are going through.

Good parenting creates a baseline of safety for a person to explore the world, and themselves, with more courage. It instills a basic sense of worth, that you are good enough as you are. This often has the inverse effect of a person being able to work harder with less procrastination, as their worth isn’t tied up with their accomplishments.

If you are a parent, realize the difference that your own emotional growth can make on your children’s lives. By accepting yourself more fully, you are in a better position to help your kids accept themselves as they are, and develop the resilience and tools to navigate life mor effectively far into adulthood.

Shalom Tzvi Shore

My work with others is heavily informed by my own experiences. I am an ex-Orthodox Rabbi who was raised in a religious fundamentalist home and as a result, I’ve personally grappled with a plethora of mental health challenges myself. Consequently, I bring a very open mind and firsthand empathy to my work with others. Hypnosis has had a remarkable impact on my own life. I am committed to helping others explore it and achieve similar benefits in their own lives.… Learn More

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