A New Year, A New Name

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Over the last few months, I’ve been engaged in an intensive process of investing and growing my hypnotherapy work. Mental health and hypnotherapy have been my passion for over a decade, but it’s only recently that my emotional and physical circumstances have allowed me to pursue this passion to the degree that I am able to now.

A first step for me was going through a branding process. I define branding as therapy for organizations and ideas, and the good folks at Bald were instrumental in helping me understand and distinguish between myself, my hypnotherapy brand, the hypnotherapy modality itself, and who my target market is.

There is a lot to unpack here and I’m still integrating and applying all these insights, just as one might do during their own personal growth process.

Here are some key insights:

Separating the clinic and the modality

My biggest takeaway was to draw a distinction between who we are, and what we do. Both are innovative, but creating the separation helps make things a lot more clear. Who we are is an online hypnotherapy clinic, able to support clients all over the world.

What we do is facilitate Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy sessions, a term I coined that I feel very clearly encapsulates the type of hypnosis we do and the value it delivers. To this end, I actually founded a separate website for The Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy Institute, which will aim to drive more research and awareness around the power of hypnotherapy, regression hypnosis, and effective brief therapy.

A new name

As part of this process, it felt right to adopt a more global and elegant name for this online hypnosis clinic. While I deeply resonate with the idea behind Hishtalmoot, it was intertwined with both the clinic and the modality, and it’s a bit of a mouthful. After much deliberation, we settled on Navya.

Navya conveys a lightness and ease that we hope our clients can walk away with after experiencing our sessions. It means “novelty” in Sanskrit and speaks to our commitment to providing a unique experience to clients and revolutionizing the way the world thinks about therapy.

And it alludes to the word for “flow” and “upwelling” in Hebrew, which can often be a part of the emotional and somatic experience of someone experiencing Hypnosis Assisted Psychotherapy.

A new visual language

Along with the new name comes new visuals – a more elegant overall feel, evocative of a Spa or relaxing clinic, alongside a minimalist log that further suggests flow and the naturally fluctuating nature of our emotions and being.

We leaned deeply into the fact that we are virtual, and don’t have a physical clinical space. Combine that with the fact that most of our sessions involve your eyes being closed and you healing yourself with your imagination, and we asked ourselves “What would a therapy clinic look like if it existed entirely in your mind? If it was limited by nothing but your imagination?”

The resulting AI-generated imagery was our answer to this question, intimate, fantastical, leaning into existential themes of emptiness and loneliness. The implication is, “this is your world, it is yours to fill with your own beliefs, worldviews, tools, and desires.” It speaks to the role we always assume at Navya, of being guides and facilitators, not healers or fixers of problems. The best answers always lie within yourself.

A Clearer Audience

We are clearer on who our ideal audience is, although this will continue to be refined with more experience (a disproportionate number of our current clients are Jewish, for example).

We speak to independent, creative, original people who want something more or want something different. Maybe they’ve done a bunch of therapy and now want to take things to the next level. Maybe they know, through intuition or experience, that a non-conventional approach to their challenges or personal growth, is what they need.

I have a theory that many people with ADHD fit this category, as do ex-religious people, entrepreneurs, and many people in the LGBT and kinky spaces. A lot of them probably hang out on Reddit. Many of them have a strong sense of what works, and doesn’t work for them – and that it’s different than the conventional.

That’s where we want to meet them – Navya, novelty, a creative space that lives in your own mind, where you can go deeper, faster.

I am excited about moving forward with this additional clarity and bringing this powerful tool for healing and discovery to more people.

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