Vyakhya Tyagi

Navya Hypnosis Assisted Healing Practitioner


  • Ontario


  • ADHD
  • Autism


Hypnosis is a powerful tool to access our inner world. I was intrigued ever since I got to know about subconscious memories and their impact on us. I love the fact that hypnosis is an effortless channel to reach and tap into that deeper state to self-reflect.

I lost my mother at an early age, As an elder sibling I had to take on certain roles and responsibilities tinting my beliefs around grief, neglect, attachment styles, self-concept, and worth. This leads me to explore psychology, mental health, and a strong inclination toward spirituality. While navigating my core beliefs I got equipped with core clinical skills and a holistic lifestyle to become a better version of myself and to empower others in their journey to unleash their true potential.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology and Post graduate certification in Behavior Science. I have worked with kids, adults, and seniors with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities specializing in Autism, learning disabilities, depression, ADHD, parenting issues, and existential crises. I have also worked with UNHCR supporting refugees.

I am inspired to help people adjust to the new environment, particularly first and second-generation immigrants. I empathize with the challenges reflecting cultural and religious adaptations, parenting styles, and language barriers faced as a first-generation south asian immigrant myself.

I believe, we as humans are holistic beings and have an innate ability to heal, and self-discover if we tap into our inner world. I help people to find their inner calling, look beyond their limiting beliefs, to resolve conflicts, and walk the path of true acceptance.

Education & Training

  • George Brown College, Autism and Behaviour Science
  • Amity University, BASc, Applied Psychology