Susan Morrison

Navya Hypnosis Assisted Healing Practitioner


  • New York
  • Pennsylvania


  • Personal Growth


My own existential journey, raising kids and working as a Registered Nurse caring for the injured, sick and dying drove me to seek more knowledge about how to help them. Reading has always been my favorite way to access information and I was drawn to natural healing methods like hypnosis.

Modern medicine is amazing and it is very important to follow your doctor’s advice. That being said, I have witnessed over and over that humans are self correcting organisms and also possess natural healing pathways that can be switched on. Prayer, meditation and hypnosis are powerful tools to assist the mind, body and spirit to switch on, synchronize and resolve issues and should be done while following doctor’s orders.

I am non-judgmental and understand that the experiences we lived in the past shape our actions and experiences now, but we absolutely have the power to change!  Hypnosis brings the source of creative imagination (spirit) into a dialogue with the mind and body and allows healing to take place naturally.

As an RN, I feel uniquely qualified to assist people dealing with the effects of physical and mental illness or addiction. The human body is a miraculous machine and hypnosis is the perfect way to communicate with it and give it what it needs.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I act as a guide to assist the client discover their own inner truth and help them remove blockages that stand in the way of happiness and progress in their lives. I believe we are all connected energetically at the quantum level, unity consciousness, we are one.

Education & Training

  • Registered Nurse
  • Certified Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • International Board of Hypnotherapy Fellow