Molly Johnsen

Navya Hypnosis Assisted Healing Practitioner


  • British Columbia


  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Behavior Change
  • Depression
  • Motivation


There is no endeavor so important or useful than to try to understand yourself and your experiences. Self-investigation can bring clarity and relief, and ultimately allows you to make conscious decisions that lead to your desired lifestyle.

It is a common human experience – and a rather unsettling one – to feel helpless in managing your own patterns of behavior and responses to emotion, but counselling can help to provide direction. My goal is to team up with you in investigating the factors (such as relationships, personality, formative experiences, etc.) that may have led you to where you are today.

I will support you during each stage with the understanding that each person is unique and their path forward will unfold at its own pace. My hope is to provide you with relevant and productive tools that set you on a course to living the life that you want – not just the life that you find yourself in.

Education & Training

  • MSc Psychology and Neuroscience (in progress)
  • Student member BCACC (#S00077)