Free Hypnotherapy Session for Laid Off Tech Industry Workers

As someone who has experienced firsthand the current downsizing of the tech sector, I wanted to give back and support others who may be going through a difficult time. I’m offering a free full-length hypnotherapy session for anyone who has recently been laid off.

This session will employ my Navya hypnotherapy modality, a powerful experience up to 90 minutes in length that can help address anxiety and worries, creatively identify next steps and new opportunities, or simply take the time to decompress and heal from past experience.

Sessions are conducted virtually, via video call, and can be very powerful. Read some testimonials from past clients here.

If you are inspired to, you will be able to make an optional and anonymous contribution via, either after the session or at any later point, to pay the experience forward and support future clients.

To get started, simply fill out this form:

Specify if you prefer the hypnotherapist be of a specific gender and we will try to accommodate you.
You can include any additional information or details you'd like us to know about.

Start Your Healing Journey

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