What is Navya Meditation?

Navya is a meditation modality that combines ancient Jewish teachings about the meaning of life and personal empowerment, with contemporary psychological insights to create a powerful, transformative experience that can enable you to become a more refined, motivated and capable human being.

What are the benefits of Navya meditation?

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine your ideal life – great relationships, successful career, happiness. Now return to your current life situation. How different is it? What’s causing the divide between your ideal life and your current one?

We believe that the core setback holding you back from living your ideal life is unresolved issues within yourself. Circumstances come and go, and life may not be perfect, but if you work through your own emotional blocks you will find your external reality changing as well.

Think back to a time when you absolutely resolved ot make a positive change in your life, and then didn’t. What happened? You were completely clear on the benefits, and you seemed to have perfect resolve! The truth that situations like that, and we all have them – are an indicator that some part of yourself does not want to change.

Imagine being able to perfectly align all your willpower, concentration, and emotional resolve to fulfilling your dreams. There truly is no limit to what you could do! Navya meditation is a great way to start doing that. It helps you understand yourself better, identify inner conflicts, and resolve them in a positive, non-confrontational way that often leads to effortless growth and self-development.

What problems can it help me solve?

Navya is not a form of therapy, and should not be used as an alternative to it; but the self-awareness and positive ideas often lead to powerful transformation. People who practice Navya meditation often report the following positive improvements in their lives:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Powerful personal insights and self-awareness
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Positive body image
  • Spiritual growth and emotional connection to a higher power
  • Improved relationships with spouses, parents and children
  • Combating perfectionist and obsessive tendencies

Hishtal- what? What does the name mean?

Navya is a Hebrew word for perfection in process. It is an expression of a profound idea: we not meant to be perfect, but rather our goal is to continuously grow and develop, appreciating each step along the way. Every insight, every improvement is a fulfilment of your highest purpose in the world.

Navya is a Hebrew word for perfection in process.

Navya meditation allows you to do just that: appreciate your infinite potential and unconditional self-worth while still motivating you to improve your life in a supportive and positive way. Very little is accomplished by hitting yourself over the head or engaging in self-criticism, despite the fact that this is often our default approach to problem solving. A compassionate attitude towards your current challenges, combined with positive and empowered confidence in your ability to overcome them, is a far better way to create lasting change in your life.

How is Navya different than other forms of meditation?

There are a lot of different types of meditation out there. Most forms of meditation emphasize self-awareness and personal exploration. Navya meditation takes this a step further and actively pursues change and growth. It helps you connect with who you are right now, but also inspires you to become all you can be.

Navya is often accompanied by a live coach or recording to guide you through the process, which helps make the session more focused and successful; this is particularly useful for people just started out with meditation who may have difficulty staying focused on their own – the external voice component serves as a guide to help you stay focused.

How is it practiced?

There is an ancient Jewish teaching that there are two ways in which we progress through life: increasing the positive and letting go of the negative. Each of these actions is a distinct, separate process, and the former, increasing the positive, is much simply than the latter, overcoming negativity.

To make someone feel good about themselves with a smile, a compliment, or a meditation, only takes a couple seconds. To identify, examine and overcome negative memories and patterns that we have ingrained in our lives is a more complex and time-intensive process.

We provide methods to do both these things. Inspiring, informative and practical blog posts that will help you integrate these ideas in your own life, recordings and workshops that provide you with hands-on guidance and immediate, positive results; as well as personalized one-on-one coaching sessions where you can gain deep insight into your life, motives and challenges and create lasting change from the inside out.

Our vision

Our goal is not for people to spend their entire time meditating on a mountaintop in the himalayas. That is not a practical way to find enlightenment. Our goal is to use Navya meditation as a means to an end, a method with which we add richness to our lives and achieve our full potential.

We dream of a world where everyone lives empowered, compassionate and purposeful lives by actively engaging in introspection, character development and spiritual connection. A world that is continuously in the process of Navya.


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