The Root of Addictive Behavior 

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I’ve worked with several clients with addiction, and here’s what hypnosis for addiction typically looks like. 

The principle with addiction is that we pursue it to provide temporary relief from some other discomfort. 

Life sucks, we do something that makes us feel better, the high fades, our brain needs more of it, and the cycle continues. 

Typically, I’ll regress with a client to the point right before they engage in their addictive behavior, and work with them to understand, and resolve, the discomfort that was leading to addiction in the first place. 

In addition, we’ll work to resolve the negative feelings they have around their addiction – the classic loop is you feel shitty about your addiction, so you engage in more addictive behavior to try to feel better. 

You’d be surprised at how quickly a more compassionate view and deeper understanding can quickly transform addictive behavior.

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