Hypnosis Assisted Healing: The Best of Both Worlds

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One of the best ways I’ve come up with to explain what hypnosis-assisted healing (HAH) is, is that it’s a hybrid of hypnosis and therapy. (and, as usual, I’ll remind you that I’m not a licensed therapist)

At Navya, we aim to bring the best of both worlds and combine them into a structured, repeatable experience that consistently delivers results to clients in a single session, time after time.

How is HAH Similar to Hypnosis?

Hypnosis Assisted Healing is similar to hypnosis, where we deliberately alter our state of mind, seek rapid results, and operate in an illogical and intuitive way.

Hypnosis recognizes that there are different states of mind that can lead to different results – you’re more creative when you’re feeling happy and empowered, for example. Wouldn’t you agree? And similarly, there are better ways to understand your deeper motivations and behavior patterns than just analyzing them.

Hypnosis seeks rapid results – we aim to solve problems in a matter of sessions, not a matter of years. This solution-focused, committed to tangible results approach, is one that ultimately benefits clients and has their best interests in minds. The same cannot always be said for classic talk therapy.

Finally, Hypnosis has all sorts of rules which would make little sense to the logical mind, but are more important to the subconscious. Things like “never use the word ‘try’, because it implies difficulty and failure”. Think about that for a minute. Isn’t the world “Try” so laden with bad associations? We try to account for things like this in our approach.

How is HAH Similar to Therapy?

Then it’s also similar to therapy in the way that it’s more client directed, respects the journey, and values insight.

A typical HAH session centers around the client’s own journey. It emerges based on the client’s feedback, gets modified in real-time based on what’s working and what isn’t, and is primarily created by the client themselves. Compare this to hypnosis, which is often based on scripts or the practitioner “inserting” new ways of being into the client.

HAH also values the journey itself. Even if it would be possible to snap our fingers or wave a wand and change you as a person, you might find the experience jarring and disempowering. By having your growth and change be the results of your own insights and hard work, there is a sense of process, progress, and ownership of your results.

You’re left with a sense of empowerment, where you’re a master of your own destiny. You’re left with a series of tools that you have already practiced using, and which you can continue to employ in your daily life to tackle new challenges and situations that emerge.

Hypnosis Assisted Healing values the insights you gain along the way, the understanding of why you’ve been acting a certain way until now, and how you might adopt new behaviors based on this understanding. This can increase your compassion towards your old ways of being and flawed coping mechanisms, and foster a greater open-mindedness towards yourself and others.

HAH Aims for Consistently Positive Results

Hypnosis Assisted Healing consistently delivers an insightful experience, one where you often experience catharsis (in hypnosis terms, this is called “abreaction”), a release of emotional energy that’s been stored in your body and which you’re now freed from. It brings a greater sense of relief, wholeness, and optimism for the future.

We believe this stems from a formula that combines the best of what clients would benefit most from, delivered in a consistent and formulaic way. There may be other aspects of therapy and growth that a client needs, which other modalities can do a better job at delivering.

But when it comes to helping creative, sensitive people understand their behaviors, get unstuck, and rapidly shift their headspace and perspective, Navya Hypnosis’s Hypnosis Assisted Healing aims to consistently deliver this experience session after session, time after time.

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