How Navya Works

At its root, Navya is a client-centered hypnotherapy modality that relies heavily on regression hypnotherapy.

We believe that you hold the answers and solutions in your own mind, and our role is simply as guides and facilitators to help you discover your current motivations and more effective ways of being.

This sets us apart from much of conventional hypnosis and hypnotists who often simply read scripts to you, essentially dictating their own solution upon you instead of letting you use your imagination to create a better reality for yourself.

Navya’s sessions follow a specific formula and structure, giving them a certain predictability while still allowing your own unique journey to unfold within this defined context.

On this page, you’ll learn the key features that are typical of a Navya hypnotherapy session – what makes it different, how a session is usually structured, and what therapy techniques are used in a session.

What Makes it Different?

There are a few key physical distinctions that set a Navya session apart from a conventional therapy session.

Eyes Closed

The bulk of a session is conducted with your eyes closed, allowing you to focus your attention inwards and tapping into the power of your imagination to discover and heal.

Guided Relaxation

A session always begins with a few minutes of guided relaxation of your body in mind. This is what allows you to enter the “trance state” that is the hallmark of hypnotherapy, and is the gateway for much of the powerful and rapid changes that these sessions can facilitate.

Longer Sessions

A typical session can last up to 90 minutes, allowing for deeper processes to unfold. We have noticed significant breakthroughs that often occur right around the 1 hour and 15 minute mark.

Zero Scripts

A common strategy in hypnosis is utilizing scripts to formulaically address specific issues. We believe that every client is unique, issues are often more complex, and that it is most empowering for you to be an agent of your own healing.

Session Structure

Every session with Navya includes the following key steps, which are designed to maximize the impact each session can have and the sense of safety you feel as you tackle potentially challenging or uncomfortable topics. 

1. Relax

We’ll spend a few minutes to walk you through a guided relaxation of your body. This is called “progressive relaxation” and is quite common in guided meditation recordings.

2. Resources

Once you’re relaxed, we’ll spend a few minutes creating “inner resources”, emotional states you access in your mind that allow you to feel safe, happy, and empowered. These can be imaginary favorite spots or good memories you reconnect with. These resource states will help support you on your journey.

3. The Work

The bulk of the session is then conducted as an exploration of a specific topic or issue from an emotional, intuitive place. There are a variety of techniques we employ to discover, release, and heal things that may have been bothering you for years.

Healing Techniques

Navya borrows from a wide array of conventional therapy techniques, seeking to utilize the most impactful strategy at any given moment. These include:


Going back in time to re-experience memories, often with the purpose of healing traumatic experiences.


We incorporate core principles related to impermanence and non-attachment.

Guided Imagery

Creating vivid worlds and environments that contribute to your healing process.

Parts Work

Populraized by IFS, you’ll discover and reconnect with different “parts” of your body and mind that have different needs and desires.

Empty Chair

Stemming from Gestalt, you’ll role play your relationships with key figures in your life, to better understand and resolve aspects of your relationships with them.

Existential Themes

We deliberately explore difficult themes around topics like meaning, loneliness, and death.


We focus almost exclusively on emotions, feelings and sensations during our work. We believe that the body doesn’t lie, and that reconnecting to our body is a gateway for insight and healing, especially from trauma.

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