Meditations on ADHD

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ADHD is a child who was never taught how to be in the world.

A creative who is too big for this world

ADHD is disappointment that it’s not possible to do everything, that our mind is bigger than the universe.

ADHD is being misunderstood, it’s wasted potential, it’s being told you’re dumb when you’re the smartest person in the room.

ADHD is seeing the problem so clearly that it paralyzes you. It’s seeing through the noise to the truth that everything is bullshit and pointless.

ADHD is an addiction to creativity to distract you from the pain of existence.

It’s living in the clouds without knowing how to have you feet on the ground.

It’s not knowing how to brush your teeth or take a shower because no one taught you, and no one explained why.

ADHD is raw potential, unbounded creativity, that hasn’t learned how to find form.

ADHD is earning your right to exist by never making mistakes.

It’s being perfect or failing miserably with no room for anything in between.

If you have ADHD, diagnosed, implied, assumed or suspected: begin by giving yourself permission.

Permission to grieve – all that should have been but hasn’t.

All you want to do but can’t.

The way you should have been treated, but weren’t.

All you wish you are but aren’t.

The pain of life as it is, not as you want it to be.

Permission to land – connect to your inner child. Go back to the basics.

Teach them what you’ve learned about life.

About imperfect parents, about teachers and classmates and the “normal ones” who don’t understand.

Teach them what no one has taugtht them yet: how daily life works. Why we do what we do, and how it gets done. About process and manifesting dreams and the unfortunate gap that lies between fantasy and the real world.

Permission to fail – embrace the crushing dissapointment that others supposedly will have if you’re not perfect. Realize that you still exists, and are good enough as you are. That perfection is futile, and therefore seeking redemption through perfection is futile as well.

What happens when you stop fleeing failure, when you let it catch up and you look it right in the eyes?

Permission to be free – you’re allowed to want, even if it’s not realistic.

You’re allowed to dream, even if it’s not possible.

You’re allowed to start even if you won’t finish.

You’re allowed to experiment and play and point a fat middle finger at this bullshit thing called reality.

Be unrealistic. Spend time every day doing nothing.

Live as though you have all the time in the world. We’re all gonna die anyway.

You are free to grieve.

You are free to fail.

You are free to be free.

You have permission.


These guided meditations were created to support this process:


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