Three signs that Someone is in a Trance

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In other hypnosis modalities, the client typically plays a very passive role. At Navya, we have full conversations with our clients during a session.

This can seem like it’s just another therapy session.

However, are some clues and signs that someone is actually under a different state of consciousness:

  1. One sign is that you can see their eyes moving behind their eyelids. They’ve achieved REM, rapid eye movement, which our mind goes to when we dream. It’s a sign they are actively accessing memories and mental images.
  2. Another sign is they experience time differently – our sessions are often longer, up to an hour and a half. And yet when they emerge, it often feels like time passed really quickly. trance states alter your sense of time.
  3. The last sign is the content they talk about – they often feel like they are making things up, or surprised at the randomness of what they say.

This all shows that we’ve bypassed the logical mind and have accessed the creative, spontaneous, illogical part of the mind that heavily influences our choices and decisions.

What do you think about these clues? Could you spot someone in a hypnotic trance?

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